Committee Meeting Minutes – 7th March & 21st March 2017

Committee Meeting – 7th March 2017

Present: Kevin Facer, Leighton Cockerell, Jase Davis, Marcus Bendall
Apologies: Brendon Rose 

Replacement Goalies: It is the responsibility of the team to find a suitable replacement goalie if theirs is unavailable. They may approach Committee members for assistance in finding a replacement, but it is not the responsibility of the Committee to find them one.

  • The replacement goalie cannot be the rostered member of another team.
  • If a team does not have a goalie at the start of a game, they will forfeit.
  • If the team’s goalie is late they can choose to forfeit, or play with 4 players on the ice until the goalie is ready.
  • Captains must contact the opposing teams captain to notify and confirm the use of a replacement goalie.


Committee Meeting – 21st March 2017

Present: Kevin Facer, Leighton Cockerell, Jase Davis, Brendon Rose, Marcus Bendall

Scorekeeping: Re-iterating our motion from the AGM, each team is responsible for providing scorekeepers for certain games in line with the 2017 Schedule. Failure to provide scorekeepers by the start of their scheduled game will result in a single point deduction from their team’s standing on the VDL ladder.

The committee clarified that the teams must provide two (2) players, one to sit in the stands with the scorekeeping sheet to tally shots on goal, goals scored, penalties, etc. and also to work the clock; and one to sit in the score box and keep the scores updated for the entire game. Again, failure to provide two players for scorekeeping duties will result in a point deducted from their team (going into negatives if applicable). Ultimately it is the Captain’s responsibility to ensure scorekeepers are provided.

Score sheets: Captains are responsible for ensuring their team’s player names and numbers are filled out on the scoresheet before the game commences.

Van Demon jerseys: The Van Demon team jerseys are to be worn only in games representing the state, not during training or regular VDL games.

New Player Placement: The assigning of new players to the league to teams was discussed and agreed upon by the Committee.






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