Committee Meeting Minutes – 25th April 2017

Present: Kevin Facer, Leighton Cockerell, Jase Davis, Marcus Bendall
Apologies: Brendon Rose

Outgoing Expenses: 

  • The Committee has issued a cheque to IHA for Graeme Fall’s Life Membership 2017 registration.

Scoreboard malfunction: Due to an electrical error the scoreboard is currently unusable, and the score box is considered out of bound. In light of this, and due to not having a consistent record of which teams offered one or two scorekeepers for which games, the Committee voted to remove all League Penalty Points issued from the first 5 rounds. Going forward, League Penalty Points will be issued if the scheduled scorekeeping team does not have a score (and time) keeper present at the drop of the puck with the scoring sheet ready. This rule will come under review again when the scoreboard is fixed, or replaced.



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